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Statutes of the Vehicle Research Programme ’Gröna Tåget’

§ 1. ’Gröna Tåget’ is a vehicle research programme, representing a special initiative within the framework of Banverket’s2 R&D programme for 2006-2011.

§ 2. The aim of the programme is to secure competence in Sweden for the development of future generations’ high-speed trains (cp. programme).

§ 3. Banverket’s research co-ordinator appoints a programme manager. The Programme Manager will be organisationally attached to Banverket.

§ 4. The programme shall have a Programme Secretary, who will be organisationally attached to Banverket.

§ 5. The programme shall have Programme Council. Banverket’s Director of Research will be Chairman of the Council.

§ 6. The Programme Council shall consist of members representing users, funders and researchers. Council members can be nominated by the programme’s stakeholders. Nominations should be addressed to Banverket’s Director of Research, who appoints the members. No compensation is paid for participating in the programme Council.

§ 7. Chairman of the Council directs the work of the council, which is responsible for the implementation of the programme. The Programme Manager is assigned the task of implementing the programme by
- initiating projects in consultation with users and researchers
- participating in the evaluation of project proposals
- announcing the entire programme, or parts of it, in consultation with users and researchers
- seeking out complementary funding
- initiating seminars on a comprehensive level
The Programme Council is assigned to
- propose project ideas
- participate in the evaluation of project proposals
- give its view on the announcement of the entire programme or parts of it
- act as advisor to Banverket’s section of research co-ordination on vehicle matters.

§ 8. The programme should be announced in connection with the regular announcement of Banverket’s R&D programme.

§ 9. The Programme Council shall have two meetings a year unless otherwise called for. One meeting should be held prior to the announcement and the other when the announcement has been closed. As concerns assignments, cp. § 6. The Chairman of the Council calls the meetings.

§ 10. As a guarantee for project support, Banverket undertakes to work for an annual basic funding of 5 mn kr in the form of funds for projects and work in kind. Additional project funds can be obtained in competition with other R&D proposals submitted to Banverket.

§ 11. Funding of projects carried out by Nordic researchers is to be covered by the research funders from the respective country. Nordic research funders involved in a project should be invited to participate in the Programme Council. Industrial manufacturers obtaining funds from Banverket are required to have Swedish-based research, development work or production.

§ 12. Banverket’s Director of Research confirms the programme ’Gröna Tåget’.

§ 13. ‘Gröna Tåget’ should act together with relevant EU research programmes as well as national centres.

Gröna Tåget = Green Train
Banverket = The Swedish National Rail Administration