This is the Green Train

Gröna Tåget (the Green Train) is a research, development and demonstration programme, the aim of which is to define a concept and develop technology for future high-speed trains, technically suitable for the Nordic countries. These include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and possibly also the Baltic States. The primary focus will be on interoperability on major electrified lines in Scandinavia, i.e Sweden, Norway and at least parts of Denmark.

Gröna Tåget delivers a collection of ideas, proposals and proven technical solutions for operators, industry and infrastructure managers. Gröna Tåget is a proposed train concept, comprising a number of technical solutions, for improved and cost-effective fast long-distance and regional passenger services. The programme has not produced a prototype train, but purchasers of future trains will in cooperation with industry decide what proposals and technology will ultimately be used.

To be attractive to travellers, a number of factors are highly important, all of them addressed in the Gröna Tåget programme.

These include:

• Short travel time
• Low total operation cost for operators, enabling low fares for passengers
• High frequency (i.e. short intervals between train departures) and flexible train capacity
• Good service and comfort for travellers
• Superior environmental performance, e.g. low energy use and low external noise, despite fairly high speed
• High capacity and safety
• High reliability and availability, in particular in the harsh Nordic and Scandinavian winter climate and after collisions with wild animals.

The most important ‘green’ effect is that the train has a high market share because of electric trains’ superior performance as regards energy use and its related emissions.