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Green train
Concept proposal for a Scandinavian high-speed train
(Part A  , Part B )
(KTH, January 2012)

Benefits of regenerative braking and eco driving for high-speed train

A Master of Science thesis about the effects of regenerative braking and eco driving with regard to energy consumption and wear of the mechanical brakes.
(KTH, July 2011)

Track irregularities for high-speed trains
A Master of Science thesis dealing with the topic of track irregularities, i.e. the geometrical deviations from an ideal track alignment. This is of special interest to high-speed operations.
(KTH, January 2011)

Attractive and efficient train interiors 
Train developing projects are managed under major time pressure and there is a need of fast decisions based on facts. In this book easily accessible research results are presented and show how cost effective and attractive interior solutions can be integrated in the developing process of trains.
(KTH, 2009)

Green Train energy consumption
Electric trains and railways have up till now been the mode of transport generally considered being “the best” from an environmental point of view, in particular regarding energy consumption and its related emissions to the air. Is this advantage to be expected also in the future?
(KTH, March 2009)

Green Train shows Swedish technology
Sweden's Green Train project to produce an environmentally-friendly cost-efficient high-speed train for Scandinavia is pioneering several new technologies.
(International Railway Journal, Sep 2008)

Gröna Tåget Pushes the Swedish Speed Record to New Heights in Very High Speed, Reaching 303 km/h
Gröna Tåget, Featuring New Bombardier ECO4 Energy-saving Technologies, Beats the Recently Set Speed Record on conventional tracks.
2008-09-15 (Bombardier)

Sweden Rolling Out 183 MPH High-Speed Green Train
Maybe you’ve heard about the proposed high-speed train in California. Well, Sweden is beating the West Coast to the punch with their Green Train.
2008-08-12 (

Green train breaks speed record in test
A new Swedish green train prototype – Gröna Tåget – has successfully completed a test run between Västerås and Stockholm during which it set a new national speed record of 295 kilometers per hour.
2008-08-08 (ISA)

Gröna Tåget-auf dem Suche nach dem Zug der Zukunft
In einer Kooperation mit Banverket, dem Betreiber des schwedischen Schienennetzes, und zahlreichen anderen Partnern entwickelt Bombardier Transportation einer Hochgeschwindigkeitszug, der sich speziell für skandinavische Bedürfnisse eignen soll.
(Eisenbahn-Revue 10/2008, PDF in German)

Scientific reports

High-speed train operation in winter climate
Lennart Kloow, Transrail / KTH

Influence of wind gusts
Sinisa Krajnovic, Johan Georgii, Hassan Hemida, Chalmers

Active Secondary Suspension in Trains (1Mb)
Anneli Orvnäs, KTH Railway Group

Tilting trains-Technology benefits and motion sickness
Rickard Persson, KTH

Tilting train-Description and analysis

Rickard Persson, VTI


Green Train - economic and attractive high-speed train concept for Scandinavia
by: Gröna Tåget

PR-film about the Green Train (30Mb)
by: Gröna Tåget

Film from speed record September 2008 (3Mb)  
by: Gröna Tåget

Film from test August 2007 (8.2Mb)  
by: Gröna Tåget


Gröna Tåget - Energy consumption  
by: Evert Andersson, KTH

Market and services  
by: Oskar Fröidh, KTH

Instrumented wheelset technology (IWT)   
by: Gregory Riggall, Interfleet

Design for environment  
by: Pia Öhrn, Bombardier

Track friendly vehicles - principles, advantages  
by: Sebastian Stichel, Bombardier

Gröna Tåget - an RD&D programme for high-speed trains in Sweden  
by: Tohmmy Bustad, Banverket

The "Gröna Tåget" Programme - an overview
by: Evert Andersson, KTH